Monday, November 16, 2015

BB-8 Showdown

These are the droids you're looking for. But which one?

Sphero, Hasbro, and Disney Store face off with their BB-8 toys. Here's our take.

Sphero's is essentially the "original", since their app-controlled ball was the inspiration for BB-8 in the first place. At $150 it's by far the most expensive, but it's durable and waterproof (see the video, we tested it!), and the app has some fun features. It's available from Sphero directly, or various other places like Amazon, the Disney Store, Best Buy, etc. Availability at retail price can fluctuate, but if you keep looking you can avoid paying the $200 or more that some people charge.

Hasbro's BB-8, sold only at Target for $80, is easier to use for small children because of its simple four-button remote, but the body can pop open easily.

The BB-8 sold at the Disney Store for $35 is a relatively cheap option, and it's still pretty fun. It is operated by a button on top, or you can put it in sound-activated mode to trigger the beep-and-roll actions. It's a solid, fun option for younger kids.

The plush BB-8 that makes a brief appearance in the video is currently hard to find. It occasionally appears at our local Target (for about $8), which is probably the best place to look because it's currently listing on Amazon for around $50 or more, which is ridiculous.

And pictured above: the Funko Pop BB-8! Giveaway this week only. Watch our BB-8 video on Amazon for a chance to win it.


  1. Hi. Any chance you still have the app for ios? Since it has been removed from the app store we are stuck

    1. I still have it, but I can't really give it to you since that's not how the app store works.


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