Monday, December 7, 2015

Transformers Combiner Wars Brawl

The Combiner Wars Combaticons have arrived, and we're taking a close look at Brawl.

This is the only completely new mold in this set, so there are some interesting details: nicely articulated feet, loads of molded detail, and a transformation that doesn't leave the entire combiner peg exposed in robot mode.

There are also some issues. The double hinge that makes up the lower torso is indeed a weak link, although it doesn't necessarily get in the way of setting up cool poses. Possibly more bothersome is the non-rotating turret, which is unusual for a Transformers tank.

As of this writing, availability is limited. We got the Combaticon deluxe 4-pack from Big Bad Toy Store; the individual Brawl figure is sold out.

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